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@lacikaysomers: “For you to actually hurt my feelings i would first have to value your negative opinion… “
✌️ #NotHappening✌️ #NoHate
I’m back in #LA -💎😘


Strawberries ‘n’ Cream Chia Pudding / Recipe


5-Minute Mug Brownie (Vegan & Gluten-Free) / Recipe


she can have my soul i wanna give it to her

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always and forever

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@stephmahoe: First callouts today! I’m a Happy girl!! #ifbb #pro #bikini #happy #girl #FMG #battleonthebeach #booty #abs #stephmahoe #muscle #fitspo #fitspiration #greenbikini #inspiration #bombshellfitness #teambombshell #beautystrong #


@model_taylor: I’m feeeeeeling this glute & hammie progress 🔥😍 #3weeks


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@jacquipenne: I really want to help break the stereotype that lifting weights will make a woman bulky or “manly”
I also have accomplished this AFTER having 2 kids!
There are many other women out there who share their own transformations
Here is mine. its not a crazy difference but to ME it is… #nofilter I don’t like to look at the old me. I would much rather be #strong & #fit than SKINNY… the picture on the far left I was a size 6/7 120lbs..All my life I was always the party gal, BEER, FASTFOOD or basically starving myself some days.. not lifting much just a little and avoided the squat rack… MAD amounts of cardio & frustrated NOT HAPPY.

the 2 pics on the right is me TODAY.
New Years Eve going into the year 2014 I set a goal. I wanted to compete in the NPC. I bought the suits (from @RavishSands of course) :) That kick started my fitness obsession. LOL Bikini’s make me happy okay! and HEELS! Anyways..
I started lifting weights HEAVY 6 days a week for an hour back in October 2013..early morning cardio, eating clean, & eating more of the RIGHT things & not drinking… (I still have some fun nights out ONCE in a while)
 I am 5’7” 135lbs yet my measurements are smaller than they have EVER been.. I’m a size 2/4 dress… I have never felt OR been happier at this point in my life. strong is the new skinny, a new life motto & lifestyle…
I want to inspire other women and moms out there to live this way, and set an example for young people and your kids!
If you are hating on this post… Thats fine, delete me then.. #trainashardasyouhate
I’m happy I have finally found my passion, & for what I have achieved by busting my own a$$ in the gym, being my own trainer.. I also thank @Jaredpenne for helping me overcome obstacles & teaching me valuable info.
@Paigehathaway has also helped challenge me in these past weeks to bring out the BEAST in me. Her plan gave me the extra POW I needed right before this upcoming show! I am forever greatful for that and will continue to accept any challenge from her. SHE ROCKS!
I have big fish to fry and I cant wait to fry them 👍😀